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From the onset Feedback Musiq set out to be the premier online source of South African music – a pioneering voice in the local music landscape. We took a moment to think about if we’d reached that goal. We concluded a refocus was in order. This refocus led to a rebirth and Feedback Musiq was reborn as FDBQ Music

A few things haven’t changed. The most important of which: we still believe in the fact that South African music matters and that it should be celebrated.

While many music platforms exist in the South African online space, none fill the gap which FDBQ Music exists to bridge. Expect to find socially-conscious, news-worthy commentary on music’s effect on local pop culture in a bid to engage in a conversation on South African music.

We exist to start the conversation on South African music and provide a reliable source for all that South Africans and citizens of the world need to know about South African music.

Since our inception in February of 2013, we’ve always prided ourselves on providing a space for new artists to get the recognition they deserve as they begin to add to our illustrious music cannon. We continue pursue this with all our effort as a main focus to this day.


If you’d like to get in touch we’re available at the following addresses:

For all general inquiries: info@fdbq.co.za

For all music LP, EP and other submissions, please mail submissions@fdbq.co.za


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  1. Come on guys, get the name of the albums in the Jazz category! And also try not duplicate the album titles (eg. Casper Nyovest and Ricky Rick).

    Anyway, this is some ridiculous nominations! I would have thought Nafukwa – Ricky Rick would have made the best video nominations (I think it might be a year late). Generally, this is is some weak ass stuff!

    PS. I dig your site!

    1. Hi, there! Thanks so much for your feedback! You’re commenting on our About page so we’re not really sure which article your comment refers to. We’re glad you enjoy the site though. 🙂

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