DJ Sliqe talks Navy Black, the first gear shift towards his Mzonkonko takeover: Exclusive

After blasting onto the mainstream with ‘Injayam Vol. 1,’ DJ Sliqe is activating his Super Saiyan mode with the release of Navy Black

The thing about DJ Sliqe is that his demeanour is very deceptive. When he walks into a room, he’s very unassuming but this has nothing to do with timidity. These waters run very deep. This is a young guy who’s come out the gates swinging proving himself with his feature-filled Injayam Vol. 1 debut and is now ready to do it again.

I got to interview Sliqe at his label, Sony Music’s HQ and over 30 minutes, we tracked everything from the unprecedented success of “Do Like I Do” to how we skipped Injayam Vol. 2 to get Navy Black. There’s even time to talk the difference in roles of a DJ and producer and whether or not kwaito is dead.

His answers were candid — at one point he prefixed an answer with “Let me break the ice for you” — and his demeanour is so sure of itself it deceives you as disinterest. But it all makes sense when you listen to Navy Black, an 11-track window into Mzonkonko, a signature sound he’s working on switching the world on to.

He’s gotten a little bit ahead of himself with this new sound and so Navy Black is the bridge to it while we wait. This by no means suggests you should expect a half-baked album. If Navy Black was all hip hop dancefloors in clubs ever played for the rest of this year, they’d be sorted. It’s that good.

You can stream Navy Black via Apple Music here while you watch scenes from our exclusive interview below.

DJ Sliqe on the success of “Do Like Do”

DJ Sliqe on the role of a producer versus a DJ

DJ Sliqe on how he picks his features

DJ Sliqe explains his signature genre, Mzonkonko

Why we got Navy Black before Injayam Vol. 2

The use of live instruments on Navy Black

DJ Sliqe plays his favourite Navy Black songs

DJ Sliqe plays unreleased track from soon-to-come album

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