Go behind the scenes of Gyre’s “Quarantine” video: Exclusive

For “Quarantine,” Gyre’s first music video, he enlisted as much family as he could both behind and in front of the camera

Last week, only a day before the end of Pride Month, Gyre released his very first music video in the form of Queernomics cut, “Qaurantine.” It proved to be a solid visual debut for an artist whose had the privilege of time to find himself creatively, and it shows in the video. It only made sense to capture the moments behind capturing the video for the sake of nostalgia and posterity.

“Quarantine” was shot on 23 June on the base floor level of a Wits University block, with additional shots filmed in a driveway close by. The video benefits from the direction of Tutu Zondo (who also makes his music video directorial debut), a longtime friend and collaborator of Gyre’s. In possibly the most sentimental production move, Gyre’s own best friend, Thulani Maphasa was on hand as assistant director.

Watch Gyre confront himself in quest for safe spaces in Quarantine

If it isn’t clear to you by now, the “Quarantine” shoot was a family affair. Take, for example, the fact that the entire video was shot by Blaq Rebel Media Studio’s J-Word Audio, the man responsible for producing a number of Gyre hits, including, “Quarantine” itself.

That concludes family behind the camera but Gyre wasn’t going to let it stop there. Cameos by Mr Allofit, Lelowhatsgood, iindirhe and more all litter the video to create that all-important underground party feel.

When Gyre says Eat My Ass, you say, ‘Yes, sir’

It was a full-day shoot in every sense of the word though I only ask 7 minutes of your time to see what all went down below.

Well, what do you think?