Watch Mr Allofit, Gyre, Caddy bring the flavour to Boys Are Delicious: Exclusive

Boys Are Delicious but they’re also resilient. Give Mr Allofit, Gyre or Caddy a mic, and they’ll bring their A-game 100% of the time, come what may

I’m very easy. Tell me you’re running an event that highlights and celebrates queer bodies and I’m sold. That was my initial interest in Boys Are Delicious, a new musical showcase now in its second edition which takes place at 1 Central Shisanyama in Newtwon, Johannesburg.

It didn’t hurt that on the lineup was Mr Allofit, Gyre and Caddy; three queer artist who I’ve been following over the last six months or so. They can easily be packaged as Joburg’s queer artist trifecta thanks to their multiple collaborations both in studio and on stage, and not to mention the fact that they each exist on unique positions on the masculine-feminine spectrum of queer sexual expression.

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The three of these artists were the best thing about Boys Are Delicious, not least because for all intents and purposes, the event did little to respect them and their very necessary artistry. The sound was obnoxious at best and an in-ear bleed at worst with incessant feedback from the excessively blaring amps with mic dropouts to match.

Queer bodies already have a hard enough time just existing in the world. If we’re going to put on events to celebrate them, we need to work twice as hard to make sure that they’re half as good as their cis-het counterparts. Boys Are Delicious fails on this critical point.

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No indication at this time about when a follow-up of Boys Are Delicious will take place. Should it happen, its incumbent on organisers to produce a flawless show worth the weight of its iconic performers’ in gold.

Until then, we will continue to support queer artists and do all we can to protect them and their artistry. Right now, you can view footage of Mr Allofit, Gyre and Caddy’s Boys Are Delicious performances below — bearing in mind aforementioned sound issues.


Caddy used his Boys Are Delicious performance to flow through fan favourites – “Thel’amanzi,” “Tonight (Blow It Up)” – and debut a new, as-yet unreleased single called, “Whyling”.


Gyre rips through his queer-normalising, straight-for-the-jugular hits like “Eat My Ass” and “Ikunzimalanga” at this June 2018 edition of Boys Are Delicious. Also look out for a special performance of “Eyes on You” with Mr Allofit.

Mr Allofit

It’s not quite the Mr Allofit Show but it has all the features to match. Mr Allofit treats the Boys Are Delicious crowd to a 360 of his discography beginning with early hit, “Coffee Shop,” delivering his verse on the recently released “One and the Same” with Gigi Lamayne, and debuting his new single, “UberX”.

Well, what do you think?