Watch Lelowhatsgood’s Vogue Nights Jozi set Joburg on fire: Exclusive

With Vogue Nights Jozi, Lelowhatsgood unites queer Joburg in a way that has never been done before

By his own account, Vogue Nights Jozi  is “a start of a particular revolution – one that places bodies of gay, transgender men and women, non-binary, bisexual, lesbian, femme and queer-identifying folks into the front the nightlife spaces that cater so little for the community.”

What Zane Lelo Meslani — popularly known as Lelowhatsgood — together with Woke Arts achieved on 29 June at the J&B Hive was uniting queer Johannesburg in a way that has never been done before.

The streets of Braamfontein are notorious for being anti-queer and especially femme at their worst. But in this hive in the centre of the world, the queers were alright to be the most heightened forms of themselves as they could ever imagine.

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