Watch Gyre confront himself in quest for safe spaces in Quarantine

Allow him to reintroduce himself: his name is Gyre. And his “Quarantine” music video does the job of normalising queer bodies in spaces

If you ever get the opportunity to meet Gyre over several meetings, you may be struck by all the various energies he embodies. It’s not a display of fiction, it’s an amalgam of all the creative energies he’s learned to tap into as and when he needs them. That’s why the new video for “Quarantine” – which is out today (29 June) – matters.

The Tutu Zondo-directed video tells the story of four Gyres in one. An everyday Gyre is captured by coterie of cool kids on their way to an unknown location. His curiosity gets the better of him and he finds himself in a purple lit underground party, a stark contrast to his monochrome wardrobe and fish-out-of-water disposition.

When Gyre says Eat My Ass, you say, ‘Yes, sir’

The out-of-body experience is further heightened when he notices three versions of himself in the group of underground revellers. It’s especially jarring because all three instances of himself appear on dramatically different points of the masculine-feminine spectrum.

The process of getting to know Gyre isn’t too dissimilar from the “Quarantine” music video. You meet him as a monochrome version of yourself and are quickly confronted by his spectrum of talent and energy. Before you know it, you’re reaching out within yourself to find your best expression which is a win for everyone.

In Oratile Papi Konopi’s Ene, masculinity is overexposed with nowhere to hide

The description for the video frames it as “a homage to safe spaces.” It’s exactly that but it’s more than that. Beyond Gyre finding a home in a seemingly abnormal crowd, he found a home in himself and that’s probably the safest space one could ever have.

“Quarantine” is taken off of Queernomics and marks the very first Gyre music video ever. For all the posits above, it makes perfect sense that it is. Also because it’s the first, Gyre shares the shine with Mr Allofit, Lelowhatsgood, and iindirhe among others whose cameos you can look out for in the underground crowd.

You can watch the full video below and look out for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot early next week.

Update 5.7.18: Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Gyre’s “Quarantine” music video here.

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