See AKA’s ‘Touch My Blood’ behind-the-scenes documentary

AKA takes us inside his mind and the creative process that produced ‘Touch My Blood’

AKA’s highly anticipated new third studio album, Touch My Blood is out today. To celebrate the release, the rapper and his creative agency, Beam Group have shared a behind-the-scenes documentary on how the album came about.

The documentary is based on an in-studio interview with behind-the-scenes shots of the album recording process spliced in between. This includes never-before-seen footage of the recordings of “Fully In,” “Sweet Fire” and “Reset” featuring Okmalumkoolkat.

Touch My Blood. It’s just really a phrase, it’s like a South African phrase for connect, like dab me,” the Supa Mega says of the album title. “I thought, hey, that’s a really cool way of putting it. Touch my blood. Connect with me. Feel me. Feel me through my music.”

His motivation for creating the album comes from a “hunger and desire to want to do more and to never be satisfied, that’s what keeps me successful.” He goes on to note that the endorsement deals are great but “without music, it doesn’t mean anything.”

AKA also talks contributions by musical director, Master A Flat and rapper, JR. “Master A Flat and myself started making music together around the start of Levels,” he says. “JR is somebody whose ear I respect and somebody I look up to as an artist, as a songwriter.”

The album liner deliberately credits the executive producer role to AKA and “the homies.” “If you look at the album, I would have liked to do it all myself but I think the artists we got on the album in the position they’re in adds something to the music,” he reveals. “I never made a conscious decision to say, okay, we need to do with these people from here, or these types of artists. It kind of happened that way. That’s why the album says, “…and the homies” in terms of executive production. It’s made by everybody. This entire album was made by my circle of friends and family.”

When he says family, he means family. Towards the end, intimate shots of AKA and his daughter Kairo appear. You can also look out for cameos by Kiddominant and Yanga.

When it all comes down to it, one thing truly matters: “I’m really, really proud of how it sounds and I think it’s my best work to date.”

See the full Touch My Blood documentary below.

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