Inside Zonke’s ‘L.O.V.E.’ listening session: Exclusive

To launch her newest album, ‘L.O.V.E.,’ Zonke hosted an exclusive listening session over breakfast. This is everything that went down

Zonke is a self-admitted recluse. But she came out yesterday (14 June) to say hi to her friends, family and the press. We were all treated to a generous breakfast at the Emoyeni Conference Centre in Parktown, Johannesburg and it felt like sitting in Zonke’s lounge.

Over two and half hours or so, Zonke takes us on a journey through her new album, L.O.V.E. – an acronym for ‘living out various emotions’ – which is out today. Some interesting things we learnt was that Zonke introduces her first-ever feature on this album for a song with Kwesta. She also said that every song on the album would get a music video. Can you say visual album?

See everything that went down below.

The importance of staying true to your roots

Zonke is acutely aware that she is because those before her are. So she dedicated the first song of the album, “Ndilimpondo” to honouring the clan to which she belongs. “This is the perfect song to open the album with because it shows self-appreciation first,” she says. “Before I can love anybody, I need to love myself.”

Why the bass is so essential to Zonke’s musicality

Other than the obvious over-arching theme of the album, there’s another force which anchors all the moving parts into one coherent force: the bass. For Zonke, it’s a critical component which not only provides a foundation for her songs, but often inspires her to write a song in the first place.

The songwriting process

For Zonke, songwriting has become second-nature to the point where she can body a song in 20 minutes. She’s become so good at it that she’s never had to worry about working to write songs to a theme. This time around though, a theme just came naturally to her: L.O.V.E. which is her acronym for ‘living out various emotions.’

Working with Kwesta on “Soul To Power”

Zonke is notorious for keeping her albums feature-free but things are different this time around. The only artist to make a feature on L.O.V.E. is none other than Da King of Afrikan Rap, Kwesta. It was an easy choice for Zonke who has admired the rapper over the many years of his career.

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