Sam Turpin unearths lost 2013 track, Submarines: Exclusive premiere

We premiere Sam Turpin’s lost 2013 track, “Submarines”

Early last week, Sam Turpin reached out to me about a lost track that he had recently rediscovered, called, “Submarines.” It was recorded during the Eternal Sentiment sessions and specifically for that album. It was later decided to release it as its own single.

“Before I could, my laptop died and so did my hard drive – worst of luck!” Turpin tells me via email. But things have a way of turning around. “I thought I lost the song but a few weeks ago I found an old CD-R I had burned and the track was on there!”

After running poll on social media, the interest for the song’s release was clear and we’re proud to exclusively premiere it today.

See Sam Turpin explore the Crazy World of Joburg

Earlier this year, I attended a show Sam Turpin was doing in Rosebank. It was my first time seeing him perform in awhile and I was struck by a new energy he seemed to possess. It was like he was hungry all over again. The weird thing about what happened with “Submarines” is that it possesses the same energy that I saw at Sam Turpin’s show. In many ways, it was serendipitous that the track would bury itself only to resurface five years later.

“Submarines” is a bouncy track which harks back at old-school hip hop with its incredibly sparse sound, and it finds Sam Turpin contemplating his existence in the world and in the world of his home country. Listen to “Submarines” first and exclusive below.

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