Nasty C drops two singles to show he’s King of the Jungle

Nasty C is on his beast mode with ‘Strings and Bling’ pre-releases, “King” and “Jungle”

As we wait patiently for Nasty C’s forthcoming second album, Strings and Bling, the Coolest Kid in Africa is whetting appetites with two new singles, “King” and “Jungle.”

At 21-years-old, Nasty C is prime example of how to set your own rules. That explains the “Ain’t no rules in the jungle,” mentality of “Jungle.” The track enjoys production from US producer, Cody Rhones. It’s surreptitiously sinister track with just the right amount of bite and braggadocio.

“The jungle is ekasi where anything and everything happens,” Nasty C says in a statement. “It’s where people live recklessly. There are no rules because you can do whatever you want. The jungle is also Joburg. A lot more stuff happens there than what happened when I used to be in Durban. Those two meanings are intertwined.”

“King” owes its homegrown production to Tweezy though it makes a trans-alantic collision in borrowing a verse from A$AP Ferg. It’s worth noting that Ferg’s verse was recorded during his time in South Africa.

“It’s not like I’m calling myself king,” Nasty C exaplains. “It’s about these kids who talk too much and I’m mocking the term ‘king’ because of how those guys call each other that.”

In many ways, it echoes the mood and energy of “Jungle” in that sets his own status quo. From “You niggas got bars talkin’ all that shit / Niggas these days talk more than a bitch” to “I feed her jollof just before I pipe her,” he’s running his own race.

While we wait on the album to drop, the best indication of what to expect comes courtesy of CCO of Africa Creative Agency and Nasty C’s management, Yvette Davis Gayle. “Nasty C has made an incredible album, full of fierce hip hop beats, guitar riffs and melodic chords. Strings and Bling will be his first release with Universal Music Group Africa and we are excited to expand his brand globally.”

Nasty C signed with Africa Creative Agency and Universal Music Group Africa this year. No word on a Strings and Bling release date as yet.

Well, what do you think?