Skhumbuzo Tuswa got so Faded, he made a list of all his bad decisions

If Skhumbuzo Tuswa’s track, “Faded” is anything to go by, Frank Ocean’s mom was right about weed-heads

While I really enjoy taunting my friends by reciting Frank Ocean’s mother’s iconic “Be Yourself” chide, I know as well as you do that weed (and other drugs) are commonplace among millennials. And that’s probably never going to change. Enter “Faded” by Skhumbuzo Tuswa.

Yes, that’s his name and surname as his rapper name. Not Skeezy T or Lil ST or whatever. Tuswa is a copywriter by day, rapper by night and millennial by life. He also smokes pot occasionally and so he made a song about it.

“Faded” (it’s unclear but it’s likely his debut) is anchored on a lazy beat which mimics the feeling off being high, setting the foundation for Tuswa to run through his list of bad, inebriation-induced decisions. They range from miscellaneous things like forgetting how to walk and dialling up his ex to extremely dangerous stunts like not remembering whether or not he used a condom.

If you ask Tuswa, “Faded” is about “the beautiful delirium of being intoxicated” (copywriters!). “The ultimate question is, are we getting ‘faded’ because it makes us feel good – or because we’re trying to ‘fade out’ of our own harsh realities?” he asks.

I don’t smoke weed at all (but full disclosure: I am copywriter as well so my jab earlier was in jest)┬áso I don’t know. And “Faded” doesn’t the do the job of answering the question either. But I get it: it’s not about it answering anything. This is millennial angst at its purest and most unadulterated and in many ways, that matters.

Stream “Faded” by Skhumbuzo Tuswa via Apple Music below.

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