Cassper Nyovest’s Push Through the Pain is a film noir story about doing whatever it takes

With “Push Through the Pain,” Cassper Nyovest shows that you can work really hard and still lose sometimes

If Cassper Nyovest’s Twitter timeline were converted into a song, it would be “Push Through the Pain.” “Half of the time it’s a war / I don’t know what’s going on / I knew it would rain but it poured / I don’t give a fuck anymore,” he raps on the second verse. The rest of the song goes on to contrast his success – “I make this shit, I make this shit look easy / Went from hu kopa lift-i, to driving a Bentley GT” – to the constant resistance from those who perhaps don’t cav the vision.

When Nate Thomas took up the task of directing the video, he offers a story more widely relatable than the rags to Bentley GT story. The “Push Through the Pain” video follows a young woman who is enrolled at Wits University for a political science degree. It would appear as though she is the lone child of an ailing single father or widower who is on his death bed. To fund her tuition and her father’s medicine, she takes up a job as a stripper and hostess, much like the Cleopatra character from Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids.”

Check On You video is a penthouse party hosted by Cassper Nyovest, Davido

Allow me to take a moment here to highlight a portion of the second verse.

I feel like I hit the pinnacle, drove all the cars and I fucked all the women too
And I did the things that they couldn’t do
But still they find something to ridicule
Can I fuckin’ live
Before you can critique me in anyway
Please do all the things that I fuckin’ did
Who woke up the game if it wasn’t me

The girl’s father dies the day she finds out she has passed her degree. The message here, although lowkey morbid, is a pretty pertinent one: you can work really, really hard and still get no recognition for it, face hate for it or even just lose.

If you’re not interested in any of that, Cassper Nyovest’s “Push Through the Pain” is still a nice film noir shortfilm to watch and you can see the full thing below.

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