Tzara & Three Witches’ On the Beach at Night Together EP is an unexpected success

With ‘On the Beach at Night Together,’ Tzara & Three Witches illustrate why we need more South African electronic pop music

I’m reading the press statement accompanying Tzara & Three Witches’ On the Beach at Night Together EP and a particular line jumps out at me. “Challenging the production patriarchy one DIY project at
a time, Tzara’s sound is like nothing you’ve heard.” That’s not true. But it doesn’t matter. This record is 29 minutes of unadulterated, well-done electronic pop music. And that is all that matters.

A more accurate statement is this: “Three Witches is an experimental pop duo [the EP is a collabo between Tzara and Three Witches], hailing from the Cape, founded in 2015. Comprised of Johnny Coutsoudis and Ciaran Slemon, Three Witches explores the depths of new, different but strangely familiar sounds, dipped in psychedelia and glazed with poetic themes.” But I’m being a lazy writer now so let me get back to doing my job.

I spend a lot of my time on my computer (as I’m sure you can imagine). Most of my time on this computer is spent working and sometimes, that’s in very noisy spaces which rob me of my focus. To mitigate this, my earphones are always with me and while I work, I often listen to electronic music. I also listen to electronic music when I’m hosting gin nights at my apartment. I also listen to electronic music when I’m out with my friends at clubs from Braamfontein to Troyville. I listen to a lot of electronic music.

On the Beach at Night Together is something I never knew I needed. From Soft Glas to Flying Lotus to How to Dress Well to Everything Everything to Iconika to Låpsley to Folamour and and and, I don’t listen to a single South African electronic act. Tzara & Three Witches is the answer to this dearth I didn’t even realise I had.

From the bewitching sound of “Mana Stone,” to the enchanting effervescence of opener, “Furies” and through to my favourite song, “The Spell,” this is a worthy competitor on the global stage of electronic pop music. Again, this isn’t some groundbreaking new sound you’ve never heard before but let me put it to you this way: I review tons of music all day long — I rarely add said music to my personal music library. On the Beach at Night Together is sitting pretty as the latest addition in my Apple Music library. If you’re on Apple Music as well, discover what I mean by streaming the EP below.

Well, what do you think?