See Sam Turpin explore the Crazy World of Joburg

Now that Sam Turpin lives in Johannesburg CBD, what must happen? “Crazy World” tries to unpack this

I’ve met Sam Turpin a few times. He’s a timid, wiry and soft-spoken dude who only offers eye-contact when it’s his turn to speak. So, when I watch his newest video for the track, “Crazy World,” the picture is painted ever more clearer.

“Crazy World” is the latest single taken off of his 4am in Jozi mixtape and it explores issues of anxiety and depression as well litmus testing the prevalence of gas-lighting and even sexual harassment in Johannesburg.

In my conversations with Turpin, I’ve come to learn that in the last year or two, he’s moved from his parents’ home in the leafy suburbs of middle-class Johannesburg to live in an apartment in the CBD as he attends university.

Sam Turpin is finally ready to find his voice

For someone who isn’t shy to speak about his battles with anxiety and even depression, the move to an area marked by fast pace and a dog-eat-dog attitude can be something of a culture shock. What the video for “Crazy World” tries to do is show you Joburg through his lens. There’s his morbidly lit bedroom, Rice Krispies for breakfast in a minimum essentials kitchen, CD thrifting downtown and even a stroll in the park.

So, no, this isn’t the video the City of Johannesburg’s TK is looking for to promote tourism to his bustling jurisdiction. This is Johannesburg through Sam Turpin’s eyes; a white, millennial rapper who is now faced with living among everything that doesn’t look like him or his privilege. It’s not as though the video or even the song aims to ‘figure it out’ out but the melancholic angst is palpable and it will valuable to revisit it years from now when Sam Turpin has grown into, say, his 30s.

For right now though, here is “Crazy World” by Sam Turpin.

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