Mzambiya, Msawawa return 20 years later with iMoto Ka Shukela, plan nationwide tour

Mzambiya and Msawawa offer “iMoto Ka Shukela,” two decades since they collaborated on “Wawungakanani”

A year ago, I watched Zola perform live at the Back to the City Festival and I savoured the moment thinking it was merely fleeting since the days of pure kwaito are behind us. Now, Mzambiya and Msasawa, kwaito’s early princes, have made a triumphant comeback in the form a new single called, “iMoto Ka Shukela.”

If you were to ask Mzambiya, kwaito never died. That’s what he told ZAlebs in a new interview in support  of “iMoto Ka Shukela.” “I can safely say kwaito is alive, they’re still making songs which have a tempo between 45 and 110bpm, that’s still kwaito,” he told the gossip blog. “If you listen to Kwesta’s music and the other guys’ music to me it’s kwaito.”

Two decades ago, Msawawa and Mzambiya collaborated on “Wawungakanani,” a clever career and creative move which brightened both of their stars and stood up their with the kwaito greats of the day.

But though Mzambiya feels kwaito hasn’t gone anywhere, he and Msawawa are a lot older than they are in the “Wawungakanani” video and their new single is unmistakably gqom. Which isn’t such a deviation when you think about it, since gqom owes a lot of its existence to the genre bending format of kwaito.

In many ways, their very young start in the music business showed that talent can be picked up from any age. They still believe that today. “The song was produced by two young guys from eNanda and interestingly they were born in 1998 when myself and Msawawa were coming up in the game,” Mzambiya said. “We could’ve gone to Distruction Boyz because they’re relevant but we didn’t because we knew what we were doing. We even went deeper than that and decided to find the talent that made the same music that is popular right now, showing that we’re not about riding the wave of who’s popular right now.”

While we’re talking new music, don’t expect a whole project to develop off the back of “iMoto Ka Shukela” — unless you really want one. “For now, we’re just dropping the single and we’ll hear what the fans think,” Mswawa said. “If they want a full album, they’ll tell us. But for now, it’s “iMoto Ka Shukela” — we don’t want to confuse them.” You can expect a nationwide tour however. “We’ll […] be doing a nine-province tour, going to the fans and doing launches of the single. Once we’re done in South Africa then we take the song to the world.”

Head over to ZAlebs to read the full interview and stream “iMoto Ka Shukela” via Apple Music below.

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