Messive Muzik debut, Life After Music EP is a deep house instant classic

Messive Muzik want you to know that deep house matters, so they put together a sterling debut

South Africa has a long – and, indeed, heartbreaking – history of founding and abandoning entire genres (see kwaito and motswako). I won’t say that we were necessarily the originators of house or even deep house but everybody knows that the best of house comes from South Africa. But what’s happened to it? A once ubiquitous sound has gone back underground for its most earnest fans. Messive Muzik think the answers lies in Life After Music.

The Cape Town-based trio of Fundile Makeleni, Zingisa April and Lizwi Nyandu were picked up by producer and DJ Siphe Tebeka (STAB Virus) in a bid to give the newcomers a shot at something great. They delivered their debut Life After Music EP, via Ambious Records, a jellyfish exploration into wavy soundscapes and psychedelic percussion. It takes me back to DJ Fresh’s now-defunct Ultimix at 6 from his 5FM days.

5fm is an important part of the Messive Muzik story. Their earlier independent EPs, True House Music and Scientific Reaction spawned tracks like “Kau & Uthando” which found airplay on Das Kapital’s 5FM show, IN DAS WE TRUST. The titles of the those EPs are telling. When you listen to Life After Music, you get that sense that here are a group of musicians who care deeply about their work. Messages like this is ‘true house music’ and experience our ‘scientific reaction’ only serve to prove that notion.

As their own presser describes the EP’s three tracks, “Exotics” does the job of taking us “back to the future with a deep and timeless house track,” “Light” gives a “clear indication of the group’s listening-roots in deep house,” meanwhile “You Know” employs the magic of a “growling bassline progression that finds itself submerged in full use of frequency, texture and tone” giving it the power to “treat […] the sonic senses.”

Really what all of that means is, before you press play, find the best pair of headphones within reach, put your phone on Do Not Disturb, and allow yourself to be taken away by some of the best sounds you’ll hear today. You can do that by streaming Messive Muzik’s Life After Music EP via SoundCloud below.

Well, what do you think?