Moozlie looks to icons for Caribbean-based “Bum Bum” featuring Gemini Major

From Rihanna to Diana King, Lil Kim to Lauryn Hill, Moozlie and Gemini Major celebrate the best of Caribbean music with “Bum Bum”

This story originally appeared on MTV Base

From the Caribbean islands all the way to South Africa, Moozlie feels very much at home. That’s the overwhelming feeling of her latest single and video, “Bum Bum.”

The Gemini Major-featured track is best described as a melting pot of references from some of Caribbean music’s most iconic songs (even if some of the songs aren’t performed by Caribbean natives). Rihanna’s “Pon De Replay” is perhaps the most obvious reference, but throw in Lauryn Hill’s “Lost Ones,” “Lighters Up” by Lil Kim and (my personal fave) “Shy Guy” by Diana King and all of sudden “Bum Bum” because a music history lesson club banger that you didn’t know you needed.

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The video tries to emulate the mood of all of those references but without producing a synthetic version of an experience which neither Moozlie nor Gemini can truly claim as their own. It respectfully inspires the mood and theme by creating an island stylised club scene which feels like a place you’d be bound to find Rihanna dutty wining in with a glass of Jameson in hand. Which you in fact find is Moozlie and troupe of models twerking and winding for the gods. Look out for cameos by Lalla Hirayama and longtime friend, collaborator, and rapper, Mr Allofit. You can watch it all below.

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