Iphupha realises the dream for Thesis

Thesis prepares for the release of a new EP with “Iphupha”

The first time I saw Ondela Simakuhle and Ayanda Charlie perform was back in 2014. The first song they performed on that night at a University of Cape Town res rec room was, “Iphupha.”

Since then, the vocal duo known as Thesis have been performing in Cape Town and Johannesburg while managing full-time jobs.

Something that was apparent to me in the early days already was the fact that even though this was a music group, their namesake was disclaimer to the world to allow them to figure this thing out. Should they frantically be recording all that they can to sell it to the masses? Or is it enough to treat music as a live conversation to be shared in university res’ or jazz lounges?

On the subject of Thesis: a dual-medium sound

Simakuhle and Charlie are aware that you’ve been longing to have access to their music, so here it is. “We got tired of not having high quality music for our extremely supportive listeners,” they explained to me via email. “2017 saw the beginning of our investment in the Thesis ZA debut EP. We are excited to keep moving in this direction.”

So if you weren’t there in 2014 or haven’t been lucky enough to catch them about in the years since, here is “Iphupha.”

“Iphupha” is a sweet Xhosa ode to love and the desire to linger on to its enchanting feeling. Though we’re asked to receive this as a single, it is curiously suffixed with “(Unofficial).” Could this all be a work in progress, a conversation? It’s difficult to say.

Thesis Tutors Us on a New South African Sound

What we do know is that we can expect a second single soon as Thesis gears up for the release of that EP. Until then, the conversation continues.

Well, what do you think?