Moonchild Sanelly is the patron mistress of South African music

From her bewitching “yebo!” to her iconic style, 2018 belongs to Moonchild Sanelly and we have her upbringing to thank

It’s fair to say that Moonchild has ascended to the status of mistress of Mzansi music. Just listen to her bitching “yebo” on DJ Maphorisa’s Midnight Starring. That innate talent was supported and nurtured by her mother starting in her formative years.

It wasn’t just musical skills that her mom helped her develop – it was full toolbox to tackle the industry. “My mother taught me to make money so I can hire people to do chores for me,” she told the Sowetan. “She gave me the tools to be a hustler.”

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She used that hustler’s spirit to hone her craft to the point where she began teaching ballroom and Latin dancing after school. That would lead her down a path to study fashion at Linea Academy.

“Even though I was studying, I was still heavily involved in the Durban poetry and music scenes,” she remembers. Soon, Joburg would call for her and eventually lead to a recording deal with Just Music but even then her hustler’s spirit took over.

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“After releasing an album I left because I wanted to be independent and own my craft,” she remembers. “After that, I started meeting relevant people in the showbiz world.”

She obviously made all the right decisions because it would all culminate in the indomitable Midnight Starring. “[DJ Maphorisa] played the beat for me just so I could hear what he was working on. Out of nowhere, I started singing and he liked it and we recorded.”

Now that we’re well into 2018 we can only imagine what Moonchild will deliver with her new found artistic freedom. Whatever it will be, to all of it we say, yebo!

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