Why Black Coffee’s Wynn Las Vegas residency is such a big deal

Go inside Black Coffee’s Wynn Las Vegas residency

This story originally appeared on MTV Base

You don’t need to tell anyone in South Africa that Black Coffee is the king of it all so it’s incredible to see him continue to conquer world stages. This time, it’s the Wynn Nightlife in Las Vegas which has announced that the house DJ will perform four or more shows at XS, Intrigue and Encore Beach Club as part of its 2018 resident roster.

“It is one of the most exciting things to happen to me as far as my career is concerned,” he told the Las Vegas Weekly for his cover story. “I think almost every DJ today would love to end up getting a residency like this, with this kind of exposure in that part of the world. And it’s so exciting because I very much consider myself to be in a different space musically. I’ve always seen my music as the type that will never be mainstream.”

Black Coffee will join DJs Jamie Jones and Solomu to complete the three-part residency roster. The house music sound is still fairly new to Vegas so the Wynn is betting big on these three DJs who all come from house backgrounds and have dominated house die-hard areas like Ibiza.

“We’ve noticed in the past few years that there’s a scene not represented in Las Vegas that is represented elsewhere in this country and around the world,” says Alex Cordova, Wynn Nightlife’s executive vice president and managing partner. “We need to explore these options and tap into this demographic that’s been alienated for quite some time. We don’t have just one sound, we have multiple sounds, and this roster shows that diversity.”

But this isn’t just the Wynn trying its luck. “Other operators have produced events with some of these artists in the past, but I think the opportunity we are providing is not just trying this out as a one-off but embracing them as true residents,” Cordova says.

Most Americans will know Black Coffee thanks to his smash-hit collaboration with Drake on 2017’s Get It Together. Even so, he’s not expecting Drizzy fans to attend his sets. “It’s totally different,” he says. “If Drake fans come, that could be cool as well, to get them to understand there’s more beyond Superman. But the people who understand what we are doing with Wynn are the people who come to gigs I do in LA or New York. The guys at Wynn are trying to pioneer a certain sound by bringing us in. They don’t want us to change; they want to change the audience or the audience’s taste in music.”

To put things into perspective, the Las Vegas Strip is used to being entertained by chart-topping artists as the main draw card, whether it be for a concert or a club; it’s what they have come to expect. The Wynn and Encore have a interesting way of turning that tide and that’s what they’re trying to do this year with Black Coffee. It’s very ambitious but the resort and casino is relying on its international audience which has already been exposed to places like Ibiza.

“We have those customers and access to that demographic, so we are in a better position to be successful,” Cordova says. “But the ultimate goal is not to harbor artists like these only at Wynn but to introduce them to Las Vegas. Hopefully they will come more frequently.”

This story goes back to December when Black Coffee first worked to secure the deal. Since then, he’s been working at understanding this new audience and how far he can push the limits with them.

“Growing as a DJ is constantly trying to learn to keep the sound on a certain level, but at that same time learning how to blend and appeal to a wider audience,” he says. “There’s so much that comes with it. You can’t escape it.”

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