Here’s how Euphonik made Thol’ukuthi Hey happen

It’s phenomenon that’s gripped the nation. So how the hell did “Thol’ukuthi Hey” go from black Twitter trend to trending new single?

Twitter killed the video star. Just ask Sakhile Hlatshwayo. The instant hitmaker who goes by the name of Killer Kau lies at the centre of why the entire nation can’t keep saying ‘thol’ukuthi hey’ after every second word and every second sentence.

Euphonik discovered the dude after a video he uploaded of himself went nuts. The viral video captured Killer performing his own version of gqom hitmakers, Destruction Boys’ “Shut up & Groove.” Euphonik saw the potential for a hit, reached out and got him into studio.

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But the clip produced more than just one new star. A girl called Mbali Sikwane rode the ‘thol’ukuthi hey’ wave at just the perfect moment. After the 16-year-old heard the track, she got a friend to film her dancing and singing to it — which also went viral. For her buy-in, Euphonik reached out to the minor’s mom who, though she admitted she had no clue about what black Twitter was, she was happy to let her daughter take part in the new craze.

And just like that, a new hit single was born, which you can stream via Apple Music below. Head up top to see a video clip of how “Thol’ukuthi Hey” went from trend to track.

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