DJ Fresh is the first man to cover Destiny Man twice

DJ Fresh proves that he’s truly The Big Dawg by covering Destiny Man for a record second time

If anyone was going to cover a Destiny Man twice, it was going to be DJ Fresh. The men’s lifestyle magazine announced The Big Dawg’s return to its cover at an exclusive event in Bryanston. It makes him the first man to cover the Ndalo Media publication twice.

Fresh’s friends and contemporaries, including DJ Milkshake, Euphonik and Lulo Café among others, were all in attendance to celebrate with him. And he’s got quite a few things to celebrate.

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After a decade at 5fm, Fresh made a move he’s been eyeing for awhile. “I got a call on a Thursday from [Metro FM Radio Manager] Sibongile [Mtyali], asking me if I’d like to take over the breakfast slot,” Fresh told Destiny Man. “I said: ‘Sure’, asked her to give me time to wrap things up at 5fm and told her that I’d be ready to start at the beginning of May.”

“To my total surprise, she then said: ‘No, I need you to start on Monday.’ So just like that, I had to scramble and we literally spent the weekend putting together a team and an entire radio show,” he remembers. “Come Monday, we were on air.” 

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Longtime friend, Euphonik was also in attendance and spoke on Fresh’s humility. “‘Til this day, when I introduce myself to people I never say, ‘Hi, I’m Euphonik.’ I always say ‘Themba’,” he said. “That’s something I picked up from Fresh – that you must always remain humble.”

Watch what went down at the launch party below.

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