Unapologetic: Kabomo releases ambitious double album

Unapologetic is Kabomo’s foray into the terrain of the legendary: the double-disc album

A lot of artists are trying their hands at a lot of ambitious projects but it’s been donkey’s years since someone tackled a double-disc album. So Kabomo took up the baton and did himself.

Unapologetic is his newest project; a 20-track feat comprised of two 10-track albums. They both boast the Unapologetic title though one is marketed as the ‘house’ version, still the other takes its place as the ‘hip hop’ version.

While it’s one project in theory, Unapologetic is two projects in practice. The albums are literally competing with each other and mostly out of Kabomo’s own doing. He released each albums’ first single simultaneously to radio stations across the country. The house album was led by “Bye Bye” featuring Professor and Danger while Reason and Kwesta helped introduce the world to the hip hop album with “Stadium Status.”

Revisit Kabomo’s Colour of You video featuring Nothende

On features, this album is jam-packed with them. Expect to find the likes of Hugh Masekela, Judith Sephuma, Naak Musiq, and Donald on the house album meanwhile likes of Proverb, Gigi Lamayne, and Zwai Bala hold it down on hip hop

Stream both versions of Unapologetic above. 

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