Nguwe finds Unathi in love with her love

Unathi honours her man for being there through thick and thin on her new single, “Nguwe”

Unathi is gushing with love of her newest single, “Nguwe.” Her first release since parting ways with Metro FM, “Nguwe” is an ode to a lover who has stuck with you through it all; the type you can’t imagine your life without.

In a Instagram post revealing the single’s cover, Unathi gushed with a total eight heart emojis, “LOVE❤️ I love LOVE❤️ to be LOVE❤️ to receive LOVE❤️ to give LOVE❤️ My new body of work❤️available on @itunes ❤️ Hope you enjoy❤️”

Valentine’s Day may be well behind us but Unathi wants to remind you that love is all-year round. Stream “Nguwe” via Apple Music up top.

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