Did Emtee just tweet that the African Trap Movement mixtape is done?

Emtee pretty much just said that he’s listening to the African Trap Movement mixtape and that it’s fire

As chief of the newly formed African Trap Movement label, Emtee has been hard at worked prepping his roster for the world which includes Sims, Sjava and Saudi among others.

But there’s also a joint mixtape cooking in the works too. Just last month, ATM’s official Twitter account announced that work on that tape was in full swing.

Now if a recent tweet by Emtee is to be interpreted the way we think it should, that mixtape is ready for your ears. Emtee took to Twitter to announce that he was listening to the mixtape before tweeting that he was “geekin[g].”

It didn’t take long for ATM signee, Sims, to cosign initial mixtape tweet with four fire emojis. Emtee kept the game going cosigning that tweet with three double exclamation emojis.

A release date is anybody’s guess at this point but it appears as though this will be one worth waiting for.

Well, what do you think?