Kekeke music video is a Toya Delazy ode to home

Toya Delazy throws it back home with the release of Kekeke all the way from the UK

Back in 2014, I caught Toya Delazy in the dimlit Waiting Room in Cape Town as she delivered what was her last performance before finding a new home in New York City. Since then she has gone on to become something of a global citizen but it Mahlabathini roots just won’t let her go.

Now based in the UK, she’s sending a smoke signal home with the release of her “Kekeke” video.

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“Kekeke” is Delazy’s first Zulu-only track in awhile and the video is tasked with capturing the feeling of home while celebrating the lengths her success has taken her. In less conceptual terms, what that means is your vision will be split across the screen between globetrotting Delazy (literally – she walks everywhere) and synchronised choreography Delazy who appears to be handsigning greetings home.

Another export of ours making a home abroad is former childstar Sade Giliberti who incidentally featured in “No Follow,” the single which precedes “Kekeke.” You can watch the latter’s video above.


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