Alt Ego bring strings to the club with debut eponymous album: Review

Alt Ego rediscovered their sound so that they could rediscover the club sound

Have you ever been in the club and thought to yourself, “This track would really do good some violin?” Me neither but you’re about to change your mind.

Alt Ego is electronic dance music duo infused with violin and guitar sounds by cousins, Callen Petersen and Jody Abel. Their debut eponymous is album is two years in the making from finding their sound to the record’s completion.

The Alt Ego album remains true to its name in its extensive guestlist. From Lakota Silva to Mathew Gold, Four, Desmond John and more, the album balances everything a nightclub with should be along with good instrumentals and A1 acts.

“It took a long time for us to find our sound. We played around, experimented, tried things out, and took our time to find one that spoke to us,” the duo send in a statement for the album. Having initially gone by the name, Acoustic Element, the new sound the live instruments were introducing brought with them a new identity. “When we eventually discovered the sound, and realized it was, in fact, the alter ego of Acoustic Element, we named the project Alt Ego. We were so proud of this name that it was no brainer to almost dedicate our debut album to the discovery – hence the self title.”

If this takes you back to the club, it’s probably because you heard it and weren’t sure who they were. So educate yourself and stream Alt Ego’s self-titled album via Apple Music below.

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