DJ Lag is reinventing album releases with WhatsApp

DJ Lag wants to save your data with his next EP release

If the ’10s will be remembered for anything, it’s the distinctly different and innovative ways in which artists have  cooked up to release their music. Their latest example of this is DJ Lag.

Forget knocking on a streaming platform’s door to offer them an exclusive – DJ Lag is handling the exclusivity all on his own. Together with his management company, Black Major, he will drop his new EP, Trip to New York exclusively to fans via WhatsApp.

To cop the exclusive, fans will need to sign up on and wait for the stroke of midnight on 14 July. At that time, they’ll receive a text on WhatsApp thanking them for signing up along with a private SoundCloud link to the 3-track project.

You may be wondering why you have to sign up. Besides the fact that DJ Lag and his team will obviously need you to surrender to your WhatsApp number to them to send you the link, it’s also your ticket into an exclusive fan base. Going forward, you will be guaranteed to hear all of DJ Lag’s new music first.

Data is an increasingly sensitive issue in this country due to its simply insane cost. Though the proliferation of streaming services is on the rise, some people just deadass refuse to pay an upfront premium to listen to music over and above the data they have bleed cash for. What DJ Lag has just done is bypass that gripe in one swift move.

It remains to be seen how successful this release will be. ‘Success’ is the key word here. Success doesn’t need to mean a million copies of hundreds of thousands of rands. It could just mean shaking up the industry to a point where something eventually gives.

Icasa has announced that it’s launching an inquiry into data costs in the country. But that process could take anywhere from one to five years. Seeing that you’re definitely not waiting for that, will you be copping Trip to New York EP on

Well, what do you think?