Stage360: Say hello to BBM’s new music platform – liveblog

BBM is moving into music with the launch of a new platform, Stage360

BBM is shifting its focus from being a platform specific chat application to a full-service ecosystem. Embedded within the app is Stage360, a new platform for artists to be discovered and to connect with fans. The BBM app is available for iOS and Android. See our live updates on the Stage360 launch below (scroll passed the Twitter Moment to see more).


In the next batch of performers, we go full-on hip hop. The first up is OJ. He’s some of the first talent being showcased by Stage360. He’ll have a music video of his single shot soon.

Uno July was also up to perform some of his new material. He’s going to have his new music video shot in full 360 degrees virtual reality. Look out for that soon. Watch him perform below.


As testament to the value of the platform, the first performer up is an artist called, KayLo. Watch her performance below.


The head of BBM is here. He says the average user has 3.4 messaging apps on their phone. “We don’t need to be number one, two or three,” he says. “We don’t see ourselves as a simple chat application. We see ourselves as an ecosystem. Stage360 is part of this.”

Julian says each quarter, registered artists will be given a shot to run for an opportunity to film a music video and have that broadcast via their partners Trace Urban and Slikour Onlife.


Slikour is here to talk his partnership with Stage360. His mission is to make it easier for artists to get their works out there. He talks passionately about the challenges he had as an upcoming artist in Skwatta Kamp. There were only two avenues back then: radio and TV. These days, we have so many more. The latest being Stage360.



Stage360 is a platform to discover artists and give them a platform to “build an industry within an industry.”┬áJulian van Plato is the man behind the app is here doing a live demo. Both fans and artists will get to upload profiles onto the platform which is embedded within the BBM app.


Yes, BBM is back but with a slightly different mandate. Things are only just getting started here in Maboneng so stick around for live updates.

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