Wav_One: Zubz makes his return to music with some help from LavaBeast

Zubz breaks his musical hiatus with the release of a collaborative EP with LavaBeast, Wav_One

What’s it take to get Zubz out of an eight-year hiatus? Peach van Pletzen apparently has the major key. The musician, of Yesterday’s Pupil fame, approached Zubz after a chance meeting reunited them. And what’s bound to happen when you put two musicians in a room together?

“I bumped into Zubz and I have always admired him as an artist,” Pletzen said. “I was thrilled that he was keen on working with me.  The whole thing happened quite organically and it felt right.”

The ‘whole thing’ that Pletzen is referring to is a new project called, Wav_One. On the collabo EP, Pletzen appears as LavaBeast, an alias dedicated to his hip hop projects.

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For Zubz, the collaboration couldn’t have been more natural. “I have had the chance to be around Peach and his work a few years ago and remember vowing to myself that no matter what the future held, I’d work with him,” he remembers. “That future is now. He’s a sonic genius.”

But what was that major key that brought Zubz back? The rapper’s career dates as far back as 2004 and in that time, he’s heard it all. He’d been looking for a new sound and no one quite had it. “One of the things that first appealed to me when we started making this music is that it’s nothing like the music I have made in the past,” Zubz says of his recording process with Pletzen. “There’s no element of boom bap type hip-hop. I’m at a stage where I am happy to stretch myself in directions that I may have not explored in the past.”

Part of the reason why Zubz was ready for this is that he never actually stopped making music. “I just haven’t been interested in doing it in the same way that I had done it back in the day,” he says. “Much like the scene has evolved and bloomed, so have I; so this type of collaboration works perfectly for where I am in my life.”

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The two-track projects features the songs, “First Contact” and “Buy. Spend. Take.” The opener really serves as a reintroduction to both musicians (Zubz’ return to music and Pletzen’s reintroduction under a new alias). The binary closer will hit a nerve if you’ve ever taken out a student loan but what it’s actually about is our preoccupation with material things. After so many years in the game, they have come to learn that this life is about more than just the cash.

Wav_One is streaming now on Apple Music and you can listen to it above.


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