Monopoly Boy debuts with Ngizo Nyamezela

Monopoly Boy gives back with his debut single, “Ngizo Nyamezela”

If you’ve ever had to remind yourself that, ‘If it at first you don’t succeed, try and try again,’ then Monopoly Boy’s debut will be right up your ally. “Ngizo Nyamezela,” his debut single, tracks the story of a young boy who triumphs over hardship and just keeps on keeping on. This isn’t Sisyphean by any measure – the message here is that there really is always a silver lining.

“Ngizo Nyamezela” is really a journey into his deepest beliefs: that we should all be active citizens of the country in a bid to move it forward. In his personal capacity, he is in partnership with Childline Gauteng and is an ambassador for Qalo Bocha. While the latter is the inspiration for the song, the former will receive 50% of all proceeds raised from track streams and downloads of “Ngizo Nyamezela.”

So do your bit to raise those funds by streaming “Ngizo Nyamezela” on Apple Music above or on your favourite platform here.


This article previously incorrectly stated that Monopoly Boy is ambassador for Childline Gauteng and has been edited to reflect the actual circumstance


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