Langa Mavuso means South African music is properly secure

With a buttery coo here and scintillating falsetto there, Langa Mavuso has captured the imagination of his ever-growing base with grit, poise and finesse

If you have a Twitter account and consider yourself in tune with what’s happening on the streets of black Twitter, Langa Mavuso is name you will have heard before. For many, it’s there first encounter with the technically new artist but his been making his mark on music in stealth mode for awhile.

Mavuso counts the iconic Spoek Mathambo as a good friend of his and anyone who has listened to Mzansi Beat Code will have been very familiar with Langa as early as April. It was around that same time that he made his first introduction to the world via an EP titled, Liminal Sketches.

Since then, Langa Mavuso has refined his sound to compliment the buttery tenor notes of his vocal range. His new and much slinkier – it’s only two tracks long – Home EP, puts his most prized possession centre stage: his voice. Supported only by a carefully curated selection of acoustic instruments, he paints the harrowing picture of loss and immediately juxtapositions it against redemption.

In a tweet debuting the EP’s lead single, he revealed that healing melancholy of “Home” was dedicated to his late aunt who had passed on only that morning.

If there’s a wave of a new generation of artist, Langa Mavuso has just signed himself up to be at the forefront of it. In the same way that it took awards shows and corporates to understand that hip hop matters, the Langa Mavusos of this world will shake things up with a sound that will be relegated to “alternative” on iTunes because it shouldn’t be boxed to begin.

Langa Mavuso’s Home EP is streaming now on SoundCloud. Listen to it now and peep some behind-the-scenes footage from its recording after the jump.

Well, what do you think?

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