Khaya N9 catches the ear of Danish electro duo, Farveblind

When Danish duo, Farveblind heard Khaya N9, they knew they had to have him for they’re single, “Indima”

The Internet has reduced the globe to a click of a button and there’s no better test case for that than music. Music platforms have meant that even if you’re all the way in Denmark, you can discover a voice to move you in South Africa and that’s exactly what happened to Danish electronic duo, Farveblind.

In 2015,¬†Khaya N9’s simmering tenor was introduced to the world via a wavy alt-R&B single dubbed, “Into You.” This is all it took for Farveblind to know they’d found the voice of their newest single, “Indima.”

As if to long for more from “Into You,” the effervescent “Indima” sees Khaya’s voice soar over electrified rave beats carried by enchanting pop synths. For one if its first performances of the new single, Farveblind took to the Spot Festival in Denmark. Lo and behold, Khaya N9 was on hand to reprise his vocal role.

Revisit Khaya N9’s “Into You”

“Shit! Okay, Spot Festival,”¬†Jens Asger Lykkeboe Mouritzen began panting from a performance. “We texted you on Facebook or wrote you on Facebook that this night would be very, very special. It already is but we’ve been working with multiple artists from all over the world. And two months ago, we started a process, a very, very long process, to get this guy on stage for this show. So with us tonight, we have a very, very special friend. This is our new single. It’s called, “Indima” and all the way from South Africa, we welcome you, Khaya N9!”

You can watch Farveblind’s full Spot Festival performance below and look out for Khaya N9’s guest spot at the 18:30 mark. You can also stream “Indima” at the top of this piece.

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