Deezer Next brings you closer to Southern Wild

Deezer Next brings us closer to Southern Wild as they open up about their journey to success and roadmap of the future

Our latest Deezer Next interview introduces us to Southern Wild. An ’emotive soul rock ‘n roll’ band from Cape Town, they spoke to us about the creative process and what to expect from them next.

David had a solo career before the band. How have his contributions influenced the band and how has his sound changed?

David was the front man for a metal core band called, Freedom For Your Life when he entered Idols so he’s always been into hard hitting music. After Idols, he released a folk EP but was always heading in the direction of a rock band. He wrote most of the songs on Lead Role in a Classic Horror with a big band sound in mind. If you listen to the record, you’ll find that every song is unique. From folk to hard rock, to progressive. These songs were brought to rehearsals in their simplest form and lashed out collectively as a band to make them what they are today.

Theo Crous is widely respected in the industry. How important was working with him in the band’s initial founding days?

It was an incredible experience and a massive honour to work with Theo on our single, “Lead Role”. He’s such a great guy, so passionate about music and capturing sound. Belville Studios is legendary – the gear he has is mind blowing. It really is one of the highlights so far to have been able to work with him.

Pretty sure the Idols question has been flogged to death but what do you think it takes to achieve longevity in this business?

I think you need the right people behind you. A tight unit that believes in the band but also to just keep writing and releasing. Putting on your best show, every single time.

You toured the country from March to April this year. What did that experience teach you?

Lots of things. It wasn’t our first time though. There are always issues when touring. One that comes to mind, which really is a nightmare, is flying with gear. Most of the local airlines charge for excess luggage and it becomes quite pricey. That aside though, being on tour and performing every evening is the dream. So we can only be very thankful.

What’s next?

More touring. We’ve just released our debut album so now the real touring begins. Who knows? Maybe overseas. We’ll see.

Stream Southern Wild’s Lead Role in a Classic Horror on Deezer below.

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