Nasty C deletes all his Instagram pictures except three

What is going on with Nasty C’s Instagram account?

Anyone who’s my friend will tell you that I just took on the most drastic digital purge by deactivating all of my social media accounts. While my friends were shook, they’re just my friends and I’m just me so in the greater scheme of things this means nothing. Not so when you’re Nasty C.

The young rapper who is knocking on 570k followers’ door has deleted all his Instagram pictures save for three. Technically, he’s saved two pictures and a video.

With four nominations, Nasty C is the second-most nominated artist at the Metro FM Music Awards

It’s not clear exactly why he went about the sudden purge but there may be clues in what he has decided to save.

Yellow seems to be the flavour of the month with both photos that he saved see him pictured in the colour while one of them features the caption ‘Bart Simpson’.

Bart Simpson ?

A post shared by Nasty_C (@nasty_csa) on

A post shared by Nasty_C (@nasty_csa) on

Okay, so maybe no clues there. The other thing we know is that Nasty C has just signed on to a new Puma endorsement deal for the sportswear brand’s #RunTheStreets campaign. A promo video makes the third post the rapper has decided to save.

Real dream chasers don’t sleep.. we stay up & #RunTheStreets. Available at PUMA stores

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Has he cleared his account to make room for a new aesthetic? Is it in line with his Puma deal? It’s both highly unlikely and unheard of that Puma would ask him to delete all of his posts especially since his stable mate, Gigi Lamayne’s Instagram is still in tact and she features in the campaign too.

Nasty C and why rappers should rap in the language they choose

Nasty C recently took on public criticism on Twitter for his choice to rap in English exclusively. At 20 years old, he’s got a long way until he defines his career trajectory. Perhaps the Twitter banter got him rethinking his strategy.

Well, what do you think?