Culoe de Song talks Littlegig Festival, Fruity Loops and independence

Ahead of his set at the LittleGig Festival in Cape Town, Culoe de Song spoke to us about his favourite festivals, his favourite tunes and what it takes to conquer the world with sound

Littlegig, the world’s first 24-hour, curated, “all-included” festival, returns to Cape Town in 2017 with an eclectic line-up of international talent in music, food and design. We caught up with headliner, Culoe de Song about what to expect from this year’s festival and what his listening to right now.

How foundational were those early days with DJ Kabila to your career?
It’s great to be groomed by individuals that appreciate the art of music for it’s reverence. I’m forever grateful to have been surrounded by passionate people like Dj Kabila.

You haven’t shied away from the fact that even your early days started off on Fruity Loops. What was the spark that graduated you to professional DJ?
DJing and making music has no graduation. You never stop learning. I’m still learning. FL studio made me very resourceful in putting together sounds. Making not so strong sounds samples into consumable music. Same attitude with Djing today, a step at a time, I grow each time I perform anywhere in the world. The learning continues.

Going independent is certainly a mark of career growth. What would you say the ultimate goal of De Song Music is?
Our ultimate goal is to present the music in bigger stages to express our passion and vision for music. Making a mark globally is a big one for us. That’s what we are working hard at doing while trying to help other talented guys find their fit, not by signing anyone but show them a good way into standing and building on their own.

The Bright Forest was your big European crossover. Take us back to that moment when it hit you that your music could impact people oceans away from you.
The Bright Forest represents the core of my sound. That’s what my heart sounds like. I’ve always known music was universal and it was amazing to physically experience that connection with the rest of the world through that big release. It’s still amazes me today.

You’ve done and continue to do very many festivals. Which one is the highlight of your calendar each year?
We do different festivals and gigs each year but I can safely say one of my favorite highlights is Digital Fest in Amsterdam. The energy is exactly how I always imagine it when I’m making songs in the studio. Massive!

How have you gone about preparing for your set at Littlegig?
I haven’t prepared anything specific but y’all caught me at a good time. I feel good and strong about the sounds I’m delivering right now, new music too. So it’s going to be fun.

Any surprises or special moments you can hint to at this time?
Every moment is special. 🙂

Whose set are you most looking forward to catching at the festival?
I’m looking forward to the show as a whole. I’m positive it’s going to be quality all the way.

What are your five most recently played songs on your iTunes library?
Bonobo – Second Sun
Kanye West – Diamonds Of Sierra Leone
Culoe De Song – Conversations with God
Bob Marley – Zimbabwe
Anderson .Paak – Am I Wrong

What’s the one thing fans should hold out for in terms of Culoe De Song in 2017?
Releasing a remix for Maya Jane Coles and have an EP coming out soon! Lots of new music this year!

Littlegig Festival 2017 takes place at Wiesenhof farm in Stellenbosch from 28-29 January 2017. For tickets and more information, head over to

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