K.O received some encouraging words from Black Coffee following Fall Back statement

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Image: Instagram – K.O

Black Coffee takes a moment to encourage K.O after the release of his Kid eXit statement: “Oskido’s seen worse”

Earlier today, K.O released his first official statement following Kid X leaving Cashtime Life. The stand-out line from the 700-worder was no doubt K.O’s acknowledgement that “being a coach and a player at the same time is extra tough”.

K.O releases 700-word statement on Kid eXit plus a new single called, “Fall Back”

It turns out Black Coffee agrees. Taking to Twitter, the internationally acclaimed DJ said, “@MrCashtime just read your statement….phephisa”. In an interesting revelation, he mentioned that Kalawa Jazmee chief,Β Oskido, has been down the same road. “Been there…@OskidoIBelieve ‘s seen worse,” he added and even offered to see the Cashtime captain about it.

K.O, whose defended a significant amount of flack in the last week, had nothing but gratitude for Black Coffee. “Learnings king, thank you for your kind words,” he said. “Let a brother know when u touchdown. God bless πŸ™πŸΎ”.

It didn’t take a second for Black Coffee to confirm but what was interesting is that he went on to tag Oskido again, perhaps as a nudge to him to keep his diary clear for what will no doubt be a historical meeting.


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