Moozlie has the Recipe to independent label success

Nomuzi Mabena is back in the rap game but don’t call her Skhanda Queen, just call her Moozlie. And if you’re wondering how she got here, here’s her Recipe for success

It’s been a long wait but Nomuzi Mabena is finally ready to reveal her new steez – and it includes a new single and record label. The track is called “Recipe” and it’s the ingredient blueprint for her plans for world domination.

Her new label is simply titled Nomuzi Mabena Music boasts her as its very first artist on a roster that is expected to grow in the coming months. The label released a statement about the new track, “Recipe” saying, “Everyone has known me as a young hustler always trying to take my life to the next level. Everything you see now is an accumulation of all that hard work. The world gets to see and experience my growth and evolution and it’s exciting!”

Don’t Panic, Moozlie is taking the hip hop throne

It’s really no wonder that “Recipe” is the single she decided to lead her new era with. The track is really an anthem for the hustler doing things herself. “I see you hating, nigga, watch me flex /
I know you mad, get it off your chest,” she spits. “Young Mabrr just stole the game, call the cops on me / Y’all not eating come and get this recipe“.

Mbongo Zaka is a power manifesto for women featuring Moozlie. Listen to the track now

Young Mabrr is the probably the tallest order in the game but if she’s going to transcend from Skhanda Queen, Brenda Fassie is probably the right place to aim.

“Recipe” is streaming now on Apple Music. Sign in to your account to listen to the full track or stream a 30 second sample if you don’t above.

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