UPDATE: Beyonce coming to South Africa in November? Here’s why everyone’s losing it

Off the back of one tweet by the account @beyexclusive, the South African Hive have run a mock vowing to sell kidneys, apply for Capfin loans and OLX their mothers for Formation World Tour tickets

A Twitter account by the handle @beyexclusive purports that Beyonce is bringing her Formation World Tour to South Africa in November. Now we’ve heard it all before so to help you manage your heartburn and expectations, here’s a timeline of heartbreaking, unfulfilled rumours of Beyonce performing in South Africa.

Update: 9 July 2018

It’s actually finally happening. Beyonce is coming to South Africa on 2 December 2018 along with Jay Z, Chris Martin, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage and more. Read up all about it here.

Update: 26 July 2016

Speaking to a professional events photographer (who shall remain anonymous for her own safety), the rumours were given further momentum. “I have been given accreditation for an event on the 8th of November.” The interesting bit: they refuse to mention who the artist is. “They won’t tell us who is performing. When have they ever done that before?”

Heartbroken members of the Hive have hit back at us for this on Twitter so let me be the first to remind you that this article doesn’t not serve to prove anything but is merely a timeline of events that may or may not lead up to Beyonce coming to South Africa.

By the photographer’s own account, “Think about it: Every time Beyonce was supposed to come, it’s been a ‘fact’ and then she doesn’t come and everyone is left with egg on their face. But now it’s just a rumour.”

Update: 25 July 2016

Additional dates were in fact not announced before or Monday 25 July.

Update: 24 July 2016

Two more Beyonce fan Twitter accounts are claiming that new dates are set to be added to the Formation World Tour.

@BeyonceCapital only mentioned that more dates should be expected that this shouldn’t come as a surprise since it is a world tour after all.

And then there’s @BeyExclsuive who claims that there are at least 24 additional dates that are to be added to the tour.

But no one is committing to anything concrete or specific as yet. In a since deleted tweet (which I fortunately emailed to myself for the purposes of this update), @BeyExclusive claimed that the announcement for new dates as soon as or even earlier than 25 July.

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2003: Okay so there was that one time she performed in South Africa

Back in November of 2003, a concert in honour of Nelson Mandela’s 46664 HIV/Aids awareness and prevention campaign was hosted in Cape Town. It looks like Mandela was our only trump card to get Beyonce here because she did actually show up and perform. The Beyhive will know that 2003 was also Beyonce’s first year as a solo artist following her Destiny’s Child days so maybe she was just easier to get hold of back then. Here’s a look at her “Crazy in Love” and “Baby Boy” performances.


2009: The I Am… World Tour but I am not actually coming to South Africa

The strangest thing about the I Am… World Tour is that in the behind-the-scenes footage which made it onto an official post-tour DVD, Beyonce and her team can be seen discussing the tour’s stops around the world. The very first country to be mentioned is none other than South Africa. Check it out from the 27-second mark.

Needless to say, that South Africa stop for the tour never materialised and, as it was back then, we will probably never know why. But that tour took place from March of 2009 to February 2010.


2013: Back to Business, not to South Africa

In 2012, Beyonce gave birth to her first child, Blue Ivy Carter. In the months leading up to this as well as a few after, she steered clear of live performances. Later that year, she would get back onto the stage for her Back to Business shows at Revel Resorts and Casinos in Atlantic City.

By 2013, she was ready with her Mrs Carter Show World Tour. In that same year, Thandiswa Mazwai fuelled rampant rumours that Beyonce was coming to South Africa. She tweeted that she couldn’t wait to hear the message Beyonce would bring with her and went on to tag Lindiwe Kwele of the City of Tshwane to take on any further questions. Kwele was involved in the organising of the failed Dinokeng Music Festival. She would later deny that Beyonce was ever coming to South Africa.


2016: Beyonce coming again? You can taste the dishonesty…

Fast forward to today and Twitter account and purveyor of all things Beyonce @beyexclusive is stating in no uncertain terms that Beyonce will be back to perform in South Africa in November this year; that would be exactly 13 years since her last performance on South Africa soil.

In a since deleted tweet, the rumour sprung up.

But it wasn’t long before the account begun listing new cities to be added to the Formation World Tour‘s stops. Lo and behold, one of them mentioned Johannesburg.

Leaving no room for doubt, @beyexclusive tweeted, “Those cities are the only ones I know 100% as I know the stadiums she will be performing in for those cities.”  But surely Cape Town and Durban would want a taste of the lemonade as well. “There could be more,” the tweet continued.

As if that weren’t enough, online music magazine, Music In Jozi, tweeted specific dates for Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban as 5, 8 and 11 November respectively. It did however lead with an all caps “rumours” caution. The tweet got a co-sign from @beyexclusive who retweeted it.

Okay cool but now we’ve been through more than a decade of shit-stirring rumours and empty promises. Why should we believe these now? All @beyexclusive can say is, “Believe us. Or don’t. Just don’t be mad when you have no coins to see her.”

Beyonce’s official website only lists tour dates up to October with the last being on the 2nd in Nashville, Tennessee. Of course, date additions to tours are by no means uncommon or unusual and Beyonce just may be headed this way after all. Until Big Concerts (or apparently Anele Mdoda) or someone with as much official clout confirms anything, it’s best the South Africa Hive stick to their DVDs or the Instagram and Snapchat accounts of celebrities attending Bey’s international stops.

Just for kicks: Here’s how Twitter went nuts reacting to the ‘news’

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  1. My best friend and I speculate that for the I Am… World Tour Beyonce decided not to come anymore because there was no venue big enough to accommodate her. The FNB Stadium was still being built in preparation for FIFA. She couldn’t have gone to The Dome because she has a HUGE following here in SA and the venue would not only be small for the audience, but I think for the sheer magnitude of the show too. I don’t think she’s coming for this one because I think South Africans can’t afford the show. She’s have to charge R850 for general access because this show is incredible!

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