Graeme Watkins Project return with Love in Abundance: Exclusive

The Graeme Watkins Project is back with a more effervescent sound than ever. Today, we are happy to bring you the exclusive premiere of the brand new video to their new single, “Love in Abundance”

Since a breakthrough debut in 2011 to a successful sophomore release in 2013, the Graeme Watkins Project has remained dormant. It all seems to have been in the name of music since they are back and supercharged with a new single, “Love in Abundance”.

Recorded earlier this year, frontman Graeme found inspiration for the song in his youth the freedom that came with it. The need to never allow life to wear you out to the point of not recognising yourself was the song’s motivation.

“I hope people love this song as much as we loved making it,” says Graeme. “For any artist putting their work on public display, it is a terrifying thing but if the past is anything to go by, we should be alright.”

As though an emancipatory declaration, the Rick Joaquim-directed video echoes the feeling of coming out and being set free. A rainbow palette of powder, akin to the Holi spring festival, bursts from various corners of the screen to colour the band, its instruments and a bunch of actors who look like the kind of folk you want to make friends. The video’s boisterous effect was achieved by shooting at a thousand frames per second.

“It is a line between two dates and it’s what you make of that little line which ultimately defines you,” Graeme said of the suspended feeling of time that the video imbues. “The use of colour powder was a means to illustrate the movement of time which is something we can’t see.”

The “Love in Abundance” video makes its official debut in two hours but we are proud to give you the exclusive premiere straight away. Watch the new Graeme Watkins video above first and exclusive and be sure to download the single on iTunes.

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