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Carla Correia: Cape Town-based jazz-pop duo, Acoustic Element

Carla Correia: Cape Town-based jazz-pop duo, Acoustic Element

We get acquainted with Rude World’s new jazz-pop duo, Acoustic Element – the new artist you didn’t know you needed

Acoustic Element is the latest artist to come out of the Rude World stable. The duo brings with them melodic, feel-good tunes with jazz foundation and pop flavour. Ahead of the release of their new single, “For the Day”, we picked their brains on what they’re about.

You were both on to stable careers following your tertiary education. Why did you leave those paths for music?
Music has always been a passion. When the opportunity presented itself, we went for it – all in. The fact that we had already had degrees behind our name made the risk a little easier to take.

Who would you say has been the most memorable act you’ve performed alongside?
Freshly Ground and Lira. They are so humble!

How did you go about picking “For the Day” as your next single?
“For the Day” is musically a new direction for us. It uses influences of tropical house that we have been experimenting with for the album.  So it is almost an introduction to the new sound people can expect from Acoustic Element.

Do you remember the day you got signed? What was it like getting the call from Rude World?
We were really just so happy and excited to be approached by Rude World. It was always a dream of ours to be on the team. And boy, has it been a ride!

What do you hope to achieve with or through your music?
We want people to experience a bit of the journey we had while creating the album.  We want them to dance, sing along, inspire them to play an instrument.  They must, simply put, just enjoy it. That would be the win.

“For the Day” is the new single by Acoustic Element featuring Four. Download the new track now on iTunes.

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