Sam Turpin reminisces spontaneous love on Love at First

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Simnikiwe Buhlungu: Sam Turpin
For Wasi Wasi’s third single, Love at First, Sam Turpin recounts the emotional journey of falling in love at first sight in an unapologetically honest rap memoir
For his third and final single off of Wasi Wasi, Sam Turpin looks back at a scene taken out of a classic Hollywood film. Only, he strips away the cheesy unnecessary bits and creates a raw canvas of emotion for what it really feels like. This is “Love at First”, his open declaration of love to a girl he meets for the first time.
The single following “Mafunde and Thoughts” is produced by Sam Turpin and himself with Jenny Dison helping out on keys and bass. Dison is of Bye Beneco fame.
“I wrote the track about when I saw a girl and almost instantly fell in love,” Turpin told us. “The lyrics deal with all the thoughts that clouded my mind when it happened and which eventually persuaded me not to pursue the moment further.”
It’s telling that he left this single to last because this is probably his most expertly crafted piece of work. “Sonically and lyrically its my favourite track so far,” he concurs.
Enlisting some family talent for the project, Sam got his brother and visual artist in his own right, Joe Turpin, to shoot the the video. “The visuals centre around my thought process when I’m emotional, sometimes in the park with the girl, sometimes in the city under the lights and sometimes hanging with friends, all while thinking out my next move.”
Wasi Wasi is available from streaming on SoundCloud and BandCamp. Check out the exclusive premiere of the “Love at First” video below.

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