Sab tells his story through episodic EP and shortfilm, LUSID

Image: Supplied - American born, Nigerian-South African rapper, Sab releases LUSID EP

Image: Supplied – American-born, Nigerian-South African rapper, Sab

Taking charge of the telling of his own story, rapper, Sab, releases a 5-track EP and shortfilm of the same name, LUSID

An artist’s debut as perhaps the most important release he will ever make in his career. With this in mind, American-born, Nigerian-South African rapper, Sab, takes full control of his genesis effort resulting in two projects: LUSID, the EP and shortfilm.

An acronym for ‘living under the sonic influence of sound’, LUSID is a self-written, -produced and -engineered 5-track EP traversing the story of a child born in Phoenix, before deciding to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper.

Born in South Phoenix, Arizona to a Nigerian father and South African mother, Sab admits to being influenced by the culture, struggles, hard work ethic, and upbringing of immigrants in America. It’s this very ambition that has set him on course to put Arizona on the hip hop map.

“Being from Arizona, we really don’t have a sound or lane yet,” Sab says. “I want to be the artist who creates that. I’m not trying to compete with everybody else making records that sound the same. I’m doing me and making the music that’s missing from today.”

LUSID EP spawned a spin-off 12-minute shortfilm bringing the aural story to life. Like the EP that inspired it, Sab fulfills the role of lead creative with credits as director and screenwriter.

LUSID EP and shortfilm are released through Sab’s independent imprint Lusid Music. Stream the EP and watch the entire shortfilm below.

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