Google Play Music – Here’s all you need to know

Apple Music and Deezer are being given a run for their money with the introduction of Google Play Music

Along with the obvious issue of fixed line connections and exorbitant internet prices (yes, we’re looking at you, Telkom), most folk don’t like the fact that they can’t take the music they find on streaming sites with them offline.

Apple Music solved this issue with its ‘Make available offline’ feature. It allows users to download protected versions (you can’t share them or play them off of other devices) of singles, albums and even playlists to play back at leisure whether on an internet connection or not.

Search behemoth, Google, couldn’t just match this feature – they had to do one up. Google Play Music allows you to upload up to 50 000 of your own tracks to your Google Play Music account. Only, they have to be “50,000 of your iTunes® songs”. Not sure why Google wants to keep all your music. Oh, right – because Google.

Where Apple Music does it one better is that on Apple Music there is only one package – all or nothing (to be fair it costs a little more than Google Play Music at R59.99 a month). Pretty much all you get for free on Google Play Music (to be fair, it’s great that there is a free option) is listen across platforms (which Androiders will love – because Android junkies), store your iTunes tracks (which Androiders will hate – because Android junkies) and curated music served to you. Radio, streaming music, downloading music to listen offline and the ability to “skip as many songs as you want” (only the good Lord knows why this is a premium feature) will hit your credit card at R49.99 a month.

The free trial is a month long and you can sign up today here.

Let us know if you’ve tried out Google Play Music and what you think of it so far.

Well, what do you think?