ISO talk new beginnings, new music, and new inspirations

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Image: Anna Smith – ISO

ISO discover during a brief hiatus that everything is not lost as they welcome a new drummer into the team

ISO fans who’ve been wondering can finally find resolve to their concerns. The band’s brief hiatus was not a sign of the end but rather of new beginnings.

With drummer, Marko, bowing out of the band, ISO took a moment to figure a way forward. Along the way, they found Nick, who is now the band’s new drummer. Along with a new member comes a fresh perspective on things and this only served to take ISO’s sound to greater heights.

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For an exclusive update on where things stand, Alex chats to us about new beginnings, new music and new inspirations.

With five studio projects to your name, how do you manage creating something you haven’t done before each time?

It comes down to the choice that you make as artists. We are always conscious of pushing ourselves musically, and this offers different results each time. All of our albums have something unique about them, and we’re proud of that.

You’ve enjoyed great success across the globe, and especially in Germany. What are some of your favourite places in the world to perform?

We love performing in Germany as the audience is always so alive and engaged. They’re a great music nation and it’s a privilege to perform there. We would like to tour elsewhere in the world to see how audiences would react to our music.

How did your iBook ISO Discography come about? What was the thinking behind it?

We have a good friend who was making iBooks for schools etc., and he approached us with the concept of the book. Needless to say we were blown away with the end product. It’s a pity that that platform doesn’t get more attention as there is so much opportunity to make really fascinating products.

You’ve been on a short hiatus. Was this to take the time to find the right fit for a new drummer in the form of Nick?

Absolutely. We also wanted to breathe new air musically; get some new inspirations. This meant performing with other artists in different environments and learning what we could to bring back to the band.

What are some of your most memorable moments with Marko? How has working with a new member influenced the band dynamic?

I think playing in Germany with Marko will always be a highlight. We wanted so badly as a band to go overseas and when we got the opportunity it felt like a dream come true. So in a sense that was the high point with him. He contributed so much to the band that it’s been difficult to imagine it without him, yet the energy and enthusiasm Nick has brought has made the transition seamless. It’s certainly a different dynamic. We really love having Nick in the band, he is a fantastic drummer and musician. No doubt we’ll miss Marko, but this signals a new era for us as a band.

How have you grown from your last album and how has that growth influenced the new forthcoming album?

The music we are writing now is really exhilarating. Having a new member brings new ideas, and coupled with our diverse tastes it makes for an explosion of sounds. We have been writing progressive music that gathers together all our previous records yet frees itself from the constraints of those sounds. It’s like going to swimming lessons then eventually just swimming without thinking.

Having come so far in your career, how have your goals changed from when you first started?

We learnt everything from the industry and so we have taken a lot of hard knocks along the way. But this only makes us stronger and more determined to succeed. Overall, we like performing our music live. This is our strength. So going forward we would like to tour as much as possible. Anywhere and everywhere.

What do you hope fans will take away from your forthcoming album?

Like any record we release, we are excited for our fans to experience something exciting and different. As stated earlier, we are leaning towards a progressive sound coupled with our distinctive melancholic feel.

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