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South Africa’s newest indie band, Daventry, is actually a country band – and they’re not even from Cape Town

Who knew. A country band come straight out of your hood – and that doesn’t mean you, Cape Town. Inspired by the name of an apartment block in Killarney, Johannesburg, Daventry is a five-piece country outfit – made up of Abiona Jenkin (vocals), Marc De La Querra (guitar and vocals), Josh Roscoe (drums), Joshua Moys (bass) and, Tyrone Parsons (lead guitar) – ready to take you on a joyride of acoustic guitar blues.

They’re debut effort is a currently-in-the-works 10-track LP due for release early next year. Ahead of that comes a new single, “Sooner Than I Planned”. It’s about as easy as country gets and introduces you to the band with lighthearted subject matter – falling perchance into love – before the rest of the album switches things up with heartbreak and other country talk.

A three-track EP, Welcome to Daventry, will be ushered in with a slew of end-of-year performances in your city before the band’s big debut next year. Meanwhile, give “Sooner Than I Planned” a listen and a buy (for a price of your choosing) below.

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