PREMIERE: Gratuit – Sam Turpin ft. Lenny-Dee | Audio

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Sam Turpin teams up with Bye Beneco’s Lenny-Dee for new single

Collaborative efforts seem to be Sam Turpin’s modus operandi of late. From his collabo EP, Cold Chinese Food,  with NJO to directing Sipho The Gift’s music video for “Somewhere”, Turpin has now joined musical forces with Lenny-Dee on a song called “Gratuit”.

A vocalist of Bye Beneco fame, Lenny-Dee brings with her her band’s ethereal cinematic sound to mesh with the classic, meter-defined hip hop sound that Sam Turpin has crafted for himelf.

“Gratuit” is the French word for ‘free’ and the new track is produced by Sam Turpin with additional arranging by Alec Lomami of Immaculate Taste. It contemplates Turpin’s ambitions with relation to his chosen career as a rapper. The artist’s struggle is one of sharing an intimate piece of who you are with complete strangers and it costs the artist more than the fan to produce the material than it does for the fan to consume it.

Well, what do you think?