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Does iFani have a crush on  Zizo Beda? It’s time we found out

If there’s one thing iFani has mastered and will thus forever be remembered for it’s the element of surprise. Our first real experience of it was when we all thought he was kidding by the second line of “Can’t Believe” and before we knew it the song was stuck in our heads for weeks.

His latest single is the DJ Maphorisa-produced “Jonga Ixesha” which is packed with a few surprises of its own. But first a non-surprise: the inception-based “Can’t Believe” is referenced in this song so if you were one of the many pushing the hashtag #tjoweeeh (however many Es its meant to be) on Twitter, then get ready to fall in love with this song. The interesting surprise with this record though is that it’s completely different sound from what we’ve previously heard from the rapper. Reggae meets EDM in “Jonga Ixesha” and actually it isn’t half bad.

If you aren’t one of the over 59 000 people who’ve been jamming to the track already, then download “Jonga Ixesha” here for free. Oh, and as for whether or not iFani does have a crush on Zizo Beda, well we’ll leave that to you to decide.

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