NEW ARTIST: ShabZi Madallion Debuts with Mad Lion

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New artist aims at entertaining and provoking through his music

Leshabe Mpho Rampedi is a new rapper who goes by the name of ShabZi Madallion and he brings with his music a multiplicity of backgrounds that he hopes will “drive, encourage, thought provoke, entertain and most importantly reach out to people”.

Hype Magazine dubbed him one of their Top 10 Bubbling Under Artists of hip hop in their April/May 2012 issue and his achievements to date have been testament to this prophecy. His first single, “Picking Up the Pieces”, featured on DJ Milkshake’s 5FM show, The Shakedown and also peaked at number two on a Local Top 5 chart on another 5FM show, Ms Cosmo’s The Stir Up.

It’s not everyday that you come across a musician with grades behind his name but Shabzi Madallion has diplomas in Sound Engineering and Business Management & Entrepreneurship, and on top of that he’s a freelance technical assistant at 5FM.

shabzi madallion mad lion feedback musiq

His debut single, “Mad Lion”, taken off his debut album of the same name, introduces Madallion to the world as a rapper who’s the “kinda king that’s only here to stay”. He drives his “Mad Lion” analogy through his lyrics and the accompanying music video, making a bold first statement to the world as an artist.

In case you missed anything, here are the official lyrics to the song:

The game is talking a lot these days
I just figured let me jump in
It’s either you get it right or you will get it wrong
I’m hearing what they’re like, they singing the same song
I figured that I should try before we move along
They wondering who is I, who is I
I’m a Mad Lion (Mad Lion)…
1st Verse
Knock knock, who’s there, it’s Madallion
You should open up if you know what is good for ya
Blah blah who cares why you babbling
Okay you gonna say I never told ya
We don’t brag nor swag we talk facts
You should see the rappers brrrr when they see me rap
When they see me do a lot of things, I mean I am the lion that came with the bite, the hype, the type will never write and like but they might but might is mine, you suckas cannot see me dance dance dance
Man you see what I mean
Apparently their sleeping but they hear me in their dreams
They want me to die dawg but I’m in their dialogue
They couldn’t like a lot coz me and their mama talk
Shuck, I’m a Shark to these under water can’t breathe suckas
I’m the only one who can save ya but I’m not your saviour


2nd Verse
Don’t put me in a game I’ll never play (ever nay)
The kinda Madallion handling and never fade
Play what you got, I got what you got and more
Stop with the copying the copying is a flaw (Yah)
I’m the Kinda King that’s only here to stay (Ah)
Give me the gun I’m aiming at your face (Gone)
I’m come with nations with combinations of ammunition and competition
Is nothing to a brother I aint phased
Really, I’m searching for my niche in a city
Head to my chest, make friends with my shoulders
Amen but no man agreed, I plead for soldiers
Trying to find I in a pretty word, absurd
Your Mrs wasn’t Winnie
Sir I save my respect for the wise
The older you get the more respect you deserve
The younger you are the more respect I try to reserve
Props to my genie


Yah x3
Yah x3
Som Klasik


“Mad Lion” is the debut single by ShabZi Madallion off of his debut EP of the same name. No official release date has been announced as yet. Check back soon for details.

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