Riky Rick Teases New “Boss Zonke” Single + Palladium Endorsement Deal?


Image: Facebook - Riky Rick
Image: Facebook – Riky Rick

Riky Rick charges forward with Nafukwa follow-up single

The “Nafukwa”-YouTube saga is still fresh in our minds but Riky Rick is charging ahead with a follow-up single.

The Boyznbucks veteran took to Instagram to announce the release of a new single called, “Boss Zonke”. He shoots a clip of himself jamming to the track he says he “can’t wait for y’all to hear”.

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Watch the “Boss Zonke” music video now

A day after the announcement of the forthcoming single, Riky Rick then took to Facebook to announce a forthcoming line of shoes from original Pampa boot brand, Palladium.

Check back soon for details on the “Boss Zonke” single and Palladium as these stories develop.

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